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Tokenomy’s primary offering is a crypto-to-crypto exchange, focusing on the underserved and high-growth markets in Southeast Asia. In addition, Tokenomy is a one-stop tokenization platform that allows anyone to create, sell, and trade their tokens on exchange, enabling entrepreneurs to access a new way to fundraise for their projects.

Primary Market — Blockchain Project Incubator

Tokenomy allows anyone to easily transform any valuable offering into blockchain tokens for crowdfunding, rewarding communities, tracking donations or other needs. Tokenomy aims to create financial inclusion and enable anyone to connect with global alternative funding networks for innovation creation. Therefore, startup entrepreneurs who have great ideas can now submit their token issuance applications through website on “submit proposal” menu.

Secondary Market — Tokenomy Crypto Exchange

Tokenomy Crypto-Token Exchange will support not only in the regional ASEAN market but also the International market. We will be part of the crypto exchange ecosystem globally. We have already prepared to host more than 10 token pairs to be traded on the Tokenomy Exchange at the time of our initial launch by May 2018. Stay tuned to for more exciting news to come! Tokenomy is created by the founders of, the biggest digital asset marketplace in Southeast Asia with over 1,000,000 active users. Tokenomy will be shared log-in with, so Tokenomy will be accessible to nearly 1M users from day one.

Loyalty Point

At TOKENOMY, we envisage the introduction of a system in which loyalty points of different issuers may be interchangeable through loyalty points issuers’ participation in the Tokenomy Platform as token issuers. The tokens they generated would represent the loyalty points that issuers would issuer to their customers. Please see the illustration below as an example.

Customized Token

If you have a business idea and wish to issue your own customised tokens, we are able do this by providing you with the facilities and support you need in order to do so. The possibilities are limitless. Please see the illustration below for Thunderscore as an example.

This is your dream. TOKENOMY turns it into reality.

Friendly — easy to use Mobile Application

TOKENOMY is also intending to come up with a mobile application for both Android and iOS users which will be available for on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The mobile application will make it easier for a user to keep track of new tokens that are being listed on TOKENOMY, and allow you to trade tokens online.

As a utility token in TOKENOMY, TEN Token offers several features that can be applied in various sectors inside the Ecosystem

TEN will be used for various key features of Tokenomy!

1. Discounts on Trading Fees

By holding certain amount of TEN you will get your trading fee waived in Tokenomy Crypto Exchange

2. Trading Tokens

Every the tokens listed on Tokenomy’s exchange platform will have a TEN pairing

3. Token Purchase

Token Sale in Tokenomy Platform can be purchased by TEN Token

4. Blockchain Incubator Application Process

Anyone is freely to submit their ideas or proposal to be reviewed. We will charge fees in TEN when we wish to have further engagement and including your project into our incubator.

5. Affiliate Programs

All affiliate programs will be paid in TEN

6. Token Listings

TEN Token will be used by external tokens to be listed Tokenomy Crypto Exchange

Tokenomy team is very excited for the journey ahead and stay tuned for more news to come!

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TOKENOMY is a digital asset marketplace where users can discover the possibilities and access the applications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens.

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