Tokenomy’s Public Beta will be LIVE on 4th June 2018 @ 10 AM (GMT +8)!

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We cordially invite and encourage all Tokenomy members to participate and to start trading during Tokenomy’s Beta Launch on 4th June 2018 @ 10 AM (GMT +8)!

Kindly note that all trades during the Beta will be live and irreversible, with real assets!

Wallets will be available for deposits from 31st May 2018 @ 4:00 PM (GMT +8) prior to the Beta launch.

Users who have registered their Tokenomy account during the Initial Token Sale period are required to reset their passwords upon first-time login. For Indodax members, please click link “Login with Indodax” to use your Indodax Account.

Please bear in mind that our platform is still undergoing Beta Testing and there will be areas of improvement. If you encounter any issues or bugs, kindly report them here. Your feedback and support is invaluable towards improving the platform!

The first batch of Tokens to be listed during the Beta phase will include:
- Bread (BRD)
- PundiX (NPXS)
- OmiseGO (OMG)
- VEN (VeChain)
- VERI (Veritaseum)

Thank you for helping us make Tokenomy a reality. We look forward to your participation and feedback!

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TOKENOMY is a digital asset marketplace where users can discover the possibilities and access the applications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens.

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