(Updated)Tokenomy Will Support the Upcoming Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork

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IMPORTANT: Update as of 16 January 2019

A security vulnerability is found in the latest Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork by ChainSecurity, which might affect smart contracts.

Tokenomy will attempt to align itself with the core development and act accordingly to cancel or postpone the Constantinople Hard Fork.

Read more for Updates to Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork on Tokenomy Exchange.

Dear Tokenomy User,

Tokenomy confirms the support for the upcoming Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork. This new version is most likely to be supported by the whole Ethereum community and hence, considered to be a non-contentious hard fork.

Common FAQ:

The upgrade is set to occur on block 7,080,000, estimated to be between January 14th, 2019 (UTC+8) to January 18th, 2019 (UTC+8).

2. Will I get double ETH for free?

No. This is supported by most of the Ethereum community, hence the old Ethereum chain — which we decided not to support anymore — will cease to have any transactional value.

3. What do I need to do as Tokenomy user?

Nothing. You can still trade as per usual.

For more information, please refer to the meeting minutes at Ethereum Core Devs Meeting 51 Notes

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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