[Tokenomy Guide] How to Verify your Account on Tokenomy Exchange

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Verifying your Account on Tokenomy Exchange

Why Verify Your Account?

Verifying your account also allows you to participate in projects listed on our Tokenomy Launchpad by purchasing tokens sold by projects in their public sale.

Tokenomy Launchpad is a crowdfunding platform for blockchain projects. For entrepreneurs and existing businesses seeking to tokenize their assets, we provide an avenue where anyone can materialise their blockchain ideas.

As a verified user, your daily withdrawal limit for your Tokenomy wallet will also be automatically raised from 1 BTC to 10 BTC.

Step By Step Guide for Verifying your account on Tokenomy Exchange

  1. Go to Tokenomy Exchange and Register for an account or Login to your existing account.
  2. Once you are on the Tokenomy Exchange Platform,

Click on “Verify your account” OR

Click on “My Profile” Tab > “Account Verification”.

3. Tokenomy Member Verification — Member’s Details

Once you have clicked on “Verify your account”, you will be redirected to Tokenomy Member Verification Page (shown below).

Key in your details and click on “Next”.

4. Tokenomy Member Verification — Verification Form

Click on “Verify Identity”

5. Document Verification

Choose the type of Document (Passport / Driver’s License / Identity Card) you would like to upload to verify your identity.

If you have chosen Driver’s License or Identity Card, upload the front and back images of your license / card following the instructions given on the website.

Upload front of card
Upload back of card

If you have chosen passport, upload your passport photo page following the instructions given on the website.

Upload your Passport Photo Page

You can also choose to continue verification on your mobile if you wish to use your mobile phone to take photos of your documents.

Mobile Phone Verification

6. Take a Selfie

If you do not wish to take a selfie, you may also choose to upload a selfie for verification.

7. Auto Validation

You are all set! This is the end of the Member Verification Process.
Please wait for 5–60 minutes for the automated verification process and maximum 24 hours if manual review is required.

Once the validation is completed, we will send an email notification to you!

8. Verification Approved!

Congratulations, your account has been successfully Verified!
You can now participate in Tokenomy’s Launchpad Projects. Your maximum withdrawal limit from your Tokenomy wallet will also be automatically raised from 1 BTC to 10 BTC.

User Verification for all Tokenomy Accounts will go LIVE on August 20 2018, 4PM (GMT +8).

To register for a Tokenomy account, head on to https://exchange.tokenomy.com/login!

If you need more information feel free to reach us!

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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