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Last month, we launched PlaywithTEN Competition in collaboration with PlayGame. Our PlaywithTEN competition invited Tokenomy members to play a simple and fun game — Katana’s Fruit in order to stand a chance to win some amazing prizes!

Katana’s Fruit is a simple and fun action game where the goal is to cut all the fruits that appear on the screen without dropping them and avoid the bombs.

Top Score Reward

  • Winner: 100,000 IDR worth of shopping vouchers
  • Lucky winner #1: 2 Grams of Gold
  • Lucky winner #2: 100,000 IDR worth of shopping vouchers
  • Lucky winner #3: 100,000 IDR worth of shopping vouchers

Earlier today, we hosted a LIVE event on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to announce our 4 winners! If you missed the LIVE announcement, here are the 4 winners once again:

🎖Our Winner is FAI with a Top Score of 4000

  • Winner #1 goes to erF4n
  • Lucky Winner #2 goes to Ashkah
  • Lucky Winner #3 goes to BUYBACKPXG

Winners will be notified via email and prizes will be distributed two weeks after the announcement of our winners!

Stay tuned for more exciting contests coming your way! If you don’t already have a Tokenomy Account, sign up now to participate in future exciting contests!

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