New Token Listing on Tokenomy Exchange — PXG from PlayGame!

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Dear Tokenomy Users,

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We are thrilled to announce that PlayGame Token (PXG)- Tokenomy’s first Launchpad project will be listed on Tokenomy Exchange!

As of November 1, PXG tokens have been fully distributed and PXG can be traded on Tokenomy Exchange starting from 3rd January 2019, 3PM (GMT +8)!

What is PlayGame Token (PXG)

PlayGame Token is an ERC20 cryptocurrency token with smart contract platform enabling game publishers, developers and communities to monetize directly from cryptocurrency crowds all over the world.

About PlayGame

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(Middle) Anton Soeharyo — CEO of PlayGame is accompanied by (left) Oscar Darmawan — Chief Marketing Officer of Tokenomy and (right) Christian Hsieh — CEO of Tokenomy.

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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