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Tokenomy, in collaboration with IntoTheBlock, presents to you, an easy way to analyze the crypto markets. No more manual analysis — with real-time indicators and signals from market intelligence, analyzing price movement will be faster and more effective.

ITB (IntoTheBlock) is an intelligence company that uses machine learning and statistical modeling to deliver actionable intelligence for crypto assets. ITB offers rich data analytics on cryptocurrencies which enables you to see an overview of the position of each coin in the market. It provides insights into crypto assets that everyone can understand. ITB creates a holistic view of a crypto asset by analyzing hundreds of on-chain and off-chain factors. Furthermore, it regularly produces new insights and indicators that reveal new intelligence about crypto markets.

Now you can enjoy IntoTheBlock functions on all coins and tokens(currently for ERC20-based only) on Tokenomy Exchange.

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  1. Visit
  2. Login into your Tokenomy account.
  3. Click “Wallet” (available at the top of the menu).
  4. Click the “Analytics” logo on the right side (Analytics logo is available for any coins and tokens at Tokenomy).
  5. Start analyzing your crypto assets with the indicators.

We certainly hope that this collaboration will enhance users’ trading experience. ITB signals provide powerful and accurate insights into the crypto markets. Now Tokenomy users will be able to take advantage of these tools to analyze the markets!

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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