Introducing SWIPE on Tokenomy Launchpad!

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Introducing SWIPE, Tokenomy's latest project to be launched on Tokenomy Launchpad!

The Idea Behind SWIPE

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How Does It Work?

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To enable data collection that will allow SWIPE to analyse and monetize data from the SWIPE Network, SWIPE will employ various marketing tools to increase app active usage and retention.

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SWIPE Tokens

Meet the Team

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Read more on SWIPE: One-Pager, white paper

Details Of SWIPE’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

  • Token Price: 0.0048 USDT
  • Soft Cap: 100,000,000 SWIPE
  • Hard Cap: 375,000,000 SWIPE
  • Purchase Using: BTC, ETH, TEN, USDT
  • Minimum Purchase: None
  • Period: August 5 2019 3:00 PM (GMT +8) — August 18 2019 11:59 PM (GMT +8)

Bonus Structure:

To purchase SWIPE, simply
1. Register for a Tokenomy Account on
Tokenomy Launchpad
2. Complete your user verification on Tokenomy (
3. Purchase SWIPE Tokens

Head over to Tokenomy Launchpad to participate in SWIPE’s upcoming IEO!

Stay in touch for more announcements!

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