HARA Pre-Sale has Successfully Concluded + HARA Initial Token Sale Starting Soon!

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Dear Tokenomy Users,

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The Tokenomy Team is pleased to announce that the HARA Token Pre-Sale has successfully concluded! HARA has exceeded the soft cap, and a total of 28,800,000 HART have been sold!

Thank you to the Tokenomy community for your overwhelming support of this project!

HARA’s Initial Token Sale

21st Jan, 2019, 09:00 (GMT +7) — 30th Jan, 2019, 09:00 (GMT +7)

During this Token Sale, the remaining 17,640,000 HART out of the total 46,440,000 tokens (hard cap) will be up for sale.

Tokens for Sale: BTC, ETH, TEN, USDT (1 USDT = 30 HART)

To purchase HART, simply:
1. Register for a Tokenomy Account on Tokenomy Launchpad
2. Complete your user verification on Tokenomy (read)
3. Purchase your HARA Tokens! (read)

Thank you once again for making HARA’s Token Pre-Sale a success! We look forward to a successful Initial Token Sale. Head on to the HARA Launchpad to find out more!

Thank You,
Tokenomy Team

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