Diving into the what and why of Bitcoin’s energy problem

The debate over Bitcoin’s significant consumption of energy is not new.

Critics often lead with a visual like the one below, comparing Bitcoin’s energy usage to the total consumption of large countries like Malaysia and Sweden.

This article will attempt to demystify the debate by examining Bitcoin’s energy…

Di bulan lalu, ada banyak hal menarik dan baru di Tokenomy. Yuk sama-sama lihat sudah ada event apa saja di bulan Maret 2021!

Sorotan Bulan Ini!

Video Tokenomy Academy

Episode 40: Masih 28 tahun, profitnya sudah 5 MILYAR!!

Sebuah cerita yang menginspirasi dari seorang trader profesional yang masih muda, Arya…

Last month, Tokenomy organized many fun and exciting events. Let’s take a look at what events took place in March 2021!

Highlights of The Month!

Academy videos

Episode 40: This 28-year-old Trader earned 5 BILLION in trading profits!

In this episode, we have invited a young professional trader, Arya Samudra…

Understanding the Technical Fluency of Indonesian Investors

Welcome to the second installment of Tokenomy’s 2021 Indonesia Cryptocurrency Investor Report!

While Part 1: The Growth in Adoption of Crypto Assets in Indonesia described the breakdown of respondents that informed our report and overall growth in the popularity of crypto assets, this section will dive into the technical adeptness…


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